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About Us

Coming from a long line of business owners Tom set up the business in 2017. Service has always been at the forefront of his attributes, whether through charity work or military service.

After education at Portsmouth Grammar School and Nottingham University, he joined the Royal Navy shortly before the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in 2001, whereupon his idea of travelling the world in a genteel manner was rudely awakened by the second Gulf War. After spending considerable time learning to dive he spent a sustained time in the Arabian Gulf clearing mine danger areas and ensuring the flow of oil and gas to the UK, to keep the lights on.

He spent sixteen years as a Naval Officer deployed or serving away from home. Experience of buy-to-let and extremely poor financial advice set him on course to want to provide what he himself needed: honest, forthright and dependable service and advice.

He is committed to ensuring that his industry knowledge remains relevant and current by placing a strong emphasis on his personal development and he is close to attaining Chartered status. This, along with the pride and dedication that he places on developing solid personal relationships with clients, ensures that he is able to offer a rounded, professional and principled service.

He enjoys the challenge of problem-solving for the client. His background is not in sales, and the client’s interests will be placed above all else.

Outside of his business, he strives to be part of the local community, through playing ill-advised rugby for Portsmouth Rugby Club and raising money for local charities through sporting events.

He works with businesses, local authorities, charities and community organisations to support the forces through services, policy and projects.